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Mobile CCTV Hire

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Our new Gen 3 Trailers are in Service.


CM Security put the first of our new "Gen 3" mobile CCTV trailers into hire today.

These new Gen 3 trailers were designed and built for rapid setup and deployment. (can be operational in under 3 minutes) These trailers are equipped with 5.5 metre pneumatic poles with internal cabling for fast set up, fully adjustable solar panel array which aids in the most efficient solar collection and battery charging that we have ever produced. 3G/4G LTE modem's with Cel-Fi signal boosters for low signal areas.

"AI" equipped NVR's with 2 x 45x optical zoom PTZ cameras. Can accurately detect human or vehicle and send a notification of any intruders.

Fully monitored alarm system with back to base monitoring, GPS tracked and much much more.

Footage either live and playback can be accessed anywhere via your phone or computer.

We have worked extremely hard in trying to reduce the power consumption and create the highest solar collection that can be achieved on a small surface area. This all equates to less downtime in low UV conditions or the need to attend site to charge batteries.

But if mother nature works against us and keeps the sun behind the clouds for weeks on end then we have equipped these trailers with generator boxes at the front of the trailer, and we will happily supply a generator if needed in winter conditions per hire basis.


Mobile CCTV Trailer "AI" Intrusion Alarm Detection.

The above video shows the intruder (human) being detected by the AI CCTV system and once the intruder has crossed the protected area (line shown in blue), the siren and strobe have activated. 

Notifications of triggered events can be sent via push notifications or emails to the clients phone.



Our Mobile CCTV trailers can both complement, and replace, traditional static security guards, mobile patrols and fixed CCTV cameras. The units are independent Mobile CCTV Stations that are capable of recording and transmitting live video footage across the 4G mobile networks Long Range Wi-Fi, if in remote areas, using satellite options.

Each Trailer has its own internal on-board Network Video Recorder which can be remotely and securely accessed from any computer or mobile compatible device, with an internet connection from around the world. The NVR’s also allow for a Wi-Fi log-in application within proximity ranges. Live footage can be viewed and monitored with event recording alarm warnings, sirens, lights, etc whilst also allowing simultaneous secure viewing by third parties.

One of the significant differences between existing units currently on the market is the use of 100% solar powered technology. The trailers are self-sufficient in operation for months on end, without human interaction or mains power connection.

One of the many other advantages of our Mobile CCTV trailer system is their application of High Definition Megapixel Infrared Digital CCTV cameras which provide a substantially higher image quality in both day and night scenarios, surpassing traditional optical camera capabilities. Additionally, all our Trailers can be fitted with PA speaker systems that enable remote or motion detected verbal warnings to intruders.

At CM Security we build all of our Mobile CCTV Trailers, CCTV Towers and mounting brackets in house. This way we ensure the quality control in our hire equipment fleet is of the highest standards and can ensure our service technicians know every inch of our trailers systems.

We back our products to have no mechanical downtime or failures whilst on hire and in the unlikely event our staff have the know how and knowledge to quickly diagnose and repair any problems.

Our manufacturing staff build these trailers from the ground up and only use the highest quality electronic equipment that is suited to our North Queensland climate.

Battery storage, current draws and solar inputs have been carefully calculated to give our trailers the maximum run time without any need for mains power any time of the year.

CM Security has the largest fleet of Mobile CCTV trailers in Queensland ready for your hire in any location.

To find out more or to book a CCTV trailer please phone 47253997 to enquire

           Trailer Features:

    - Digital CCTV with IR Lights

    - Digital PTZ Cameras

    - Ai Analytics (human and vehicle 

       identification and notifications)

    - LPR Camera Options

    - Thermal Camera Options.

    - Digital Network Video Recording

    - Loud Speakers (optional)

    - LED Floodlights (optional)

    - Time Lapse Photography 

    - Multi-User login

    - Event Monitoring

    - Email & Push Notifications

    - Long range Wi-Fi

    -Remote 4G Login

    - Stand alone power solution

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