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24 Hour Remote Technical Support.


CM Security can offer our customers 24 hour support for any Security/CCTV computer problem. Using TeamViewer CM Security is able to offer the most secure way to assist our customers with problems remotely at any time of the day. (Remote sessions will be charged at normal hourly rates if you choose to use this service you agree to these terms)

Click on the blue CM Security Support Logo to the right,  Allow the program to run, and we will connect to your desktop.


Running the above software will only run the application on your computer, it will not install a permanent application. Once you close the program it will be deleted.

      DMSS Instructions


DMSS APp.png

DMSS (apple)

Mobile phone app available in App Store.

DMSS APp.png

DMSS (android)

Mobile phone app available in Play Store.

How to Set up DMSS app for your system

If you have deleted the DMSS App or have purchased a new phone, CM Security can supply you with a QR code for your CCTV system. 

To obtain the QR code for your CCTV system please send an email to containing your name and contact phone number. CM Security will contact you and confirm your security details before forwarding your code.

To use the code supplied follow the instructions below. You will need to have the DMSS reinstalled on your phone to enable your CCTV system.

Click on the images to the left to bring them up full size.

follow the instructions from Step 1 to 11.

 user Manuals

Alarm Panels (Hills/Reliance)


            Hills Reliance R128 Install Manual                           Hills LCD Code Pad User manual V3

            Hills LED Code Pad User Manual V3                       Hills Icon Code Pad User manual V3

            Hills Voice Nav User Manual V3                               Hills Voice Nav Lite User Manual V3





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